Winter Field Day 2022

I know it’s cold, but we have a plan!

So, Steve Allen (WD4JIX) got us a venue for us to participate as a club in Winter Field Day!

Thanks Steve!

It is an insulated building with a fireplace, and plenty of tables and chairs!

So, join us at 12pm on Saturday, January 29th, 2022 at the Appalachian Conference in Dublin, VA.

Address for the Appalachian Conference is:

5847 Oak Grove Pl, Dublin, VA 24084

The building we will be using is past the main office, and can be found on Google Maps here:

Our current plan is to run two radios indoors. 

Transmissions will start at 2pm local time, and finish when we get tired and want to go home. No overnight with this one.

We will have hot coffee, and cold water available.

BYO snacks/lunch/dinner/etc.

We will use the club equipment, although a few good coax coils may be handy.

It can get noisy, so bring your own headphones as well.

CW ops, bring your favorite keyer!
More information and rules for Winter Field Day:

If you plan to attend, it would be helpful to get a head-count, so email me directly, .

73! de Cam, W4XXV