Review – Winter Field Day 2022

It was a blustery afternoon on Saturday January 29th, 2022, and we were glad to have put up our antennas the day prior. Erecting the antennas during snow is much preferred to windy and 16 degrees!

First up was establishing the warmth, as Steve WD4JIX used his scouting skills to kindle the hearth and heart of our operation. All stations were set up inside, with our backs no more than 15 feet away from the warmth of the fireplace. The crackle and pop were welcome additions to the static sound of the radios.

We almost missed our 2pm EST transmission time as we were conversing about ham radio as we so much have missed in-person over the last year. Stations were set up for 20, 40, and 80 meters. 20 and 40 meter contacts seemed to almost jump out as the event started. 80 meters wouldn’t see activity until the sun started to set, and the grey line made for better propagation.

After making contacts for a large part of the afternoon and into the night, amateurs did what amateurs do… we got tired. After 49 CW and 188 phone contacts, we called it quits, packed up, and went home to our warm beds.

As a club field activity, this was a wonderful event. We had 8 hams show up to learn, and make contacts. Everyone enjoyed the company.

See below for photos and a PDF summary of the activities.