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Postings here will be items from members of the New River Valley Amateur Radio Club, and sponsored items by members only. These listings are posted for informational purposes only, and the club does not assume any responsibility for transactions or item listings. If you would like items to be included on this page, please contact W4XXV on the email reflector with information about the items. W4XXV will contact you for further information and pictures of the items.

Tower and Antennas

  • Martin Engineering aluminum tower 50 Ft with hazer
  • Cushcraft 8 element log beam
  • Rotatable dipole tuned for 10mHz CW band (30m)
  • Cushcraft VHF/UHF beam (5 elements each band)
  • 3 wire antennas supported by the tower
    • Carolina Windom 160/10
    • 75 meter sloper
    • 60 meter (5 mHz) inverted V
W4LWM-L-IMG 1891
Aperture: 2
Camera: iPhone X
Iso: 20
Orientation: 6
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The purchaser would be responsible for disassembly and removal and clean up.
Asking $1950 for all above plus there is a remote 5 position coax switch included.
Contact Larry, W4LWM at

MFJ-1278 TNCs

MFJ Model MFJ-1278 and MFJ-1278B Terminal Node Controllers.
TNCs are priced at $40 each.
Both units function as they should. Included with each will be one 5-pin DIN for creating a cable to connect to a radio, and one power cable with no end termination.
If you would like me to create a cable for a specific application, just let me know. I’d be happy to help. I also offer my help in getting on the air with Winlink to one of our nodes as well.
To complete the function of these units, you will need a serial connection to your computer. Most PCs do not have serial connections, so I suggest a usb to serial adapter. If you don’t already have one, my recommendation is the following item from Amazon for the connection:
FTDI chipset USB to Serial adapter –

Contact Cam, W4XXV at