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Postings here will be items from members of the New River Valley Amateur Radio Club, and sponsored items by members only. These listings are posted for informational purposes only, and the club does not assume any responsibility for transactions or item listings. If you would like items to be included on this page, please contact W4XXV on the email reflector with information about the items. W4XXV will contact you for further information and pictures of the items.

From SK, N8UVH Estate

These items are being sold through the club for the estate of N8UVH. 20% of the sale will go toward the club as a donation.
Contact Cam at for further details or purchasing.

Some pictures of the items are below.
Items still listed for sale are:

Icom IC-738 HF TransceiverInternal tuner. Cosmetic OK, function OK, hand mic, power cable, manual, SignaLink$300.00
Icom IC-91AD HTCosmetic OK, functions, no charger, OPC-1529R cable, manual$75.00
TYT MD-380 HTCosmetics rough, functions, extra battery, charger, manual$30.00
Tytera MD-380 HTCosmetic OK, function OK, extra battery, charger, box$50.00
Wouxun KG-UV8DFunction OK, volume crackle with knob adjustment, extra battery, charger$50.00
EFJohnson Charger and microphone kit (5100)2 chargers and microphone, no AC adapter$20.00

Ten-Tec Omni VII

From Cam, W4XXV – Dec 12, 2022

Now excess to my needs, I’m selling my Ten-Tec Omni VII (Model 588). The package includes the factory hand mic, remote keypad/VFO knob and cable, power cord (powerpoled), accessory cable, and printed manual. The unit has the 500 Hz filter installed as well. Also included is the 70MHz tap on the back of the radio for outputting to a pan adapter such as the RTLSDR. No 300 Hz optional filter installed. No optional autotuner is installed.

$650 – or trade for good Yaesu FT-817/818, or Yaesu G-5500DC Rotor – local meetups only.

This transceiver is outstanding, and has been a wonderful station for my home QTH. I really enjoy the filtering and audio on receive, and have always gotten unsolicited “great audio” reports with this setup. With 100 watts of power and 3 antenna inputs (2 RX/TX, 1 RX only), you’ll have a great base for making contacts. I’ve also had tremendous success in using this for FT8 as well. The remote VFO knob brings tuning closer to your working environment, making it easier to log contacts while jumping from station to station.

Read others opinions of this radio here –

This unit works with no known current issues, and is loaded with the latest firmware available. Output is at normal 100 watts. Repairs to this unit include replacement of the 455KHz filters (known issue), TX/RX Relay, and the Multi-Encoder board (known issue) that replaced the left 3 selection encoders as seen from the front of the unit. Operation of the unit since repairs has been flawless (easily 100 hrs on unit after repairs). MARS modification has not been performed, and is no longer possible for these units as it requires customized firmware from TenTec.

See pictures for more details and condition. Email for questions.

Home Built Equipment

From Jack H. – Oct 2022 – Some 18 years ago, I inherited some home-built transmitter equipment, that I have not used. There are (2) PS chassis (3kV/600v/Bias), 1kW pp final (304TH), Master Osc. A modulation xfmr, and box of misc parts. The modulator chassis was never built. If anyone you know would be interested in making an cash offer, please contact .

$1500 firm, as I know that is what the plate transformer was purchased for. There are some big pentode bottles intended for use in the modulator, but don’t recall the number right now.

(Added 10/18/2022)

Plus… ARC type DM416 dynamotor, input as 14v/6.2a, with output as 330v/170mA. (missing end covers) and an AN/ARC-5 xmitter. Bought them both most likely from some army/navy surplus around 1969. The dynamotor has a burnt resistor, value unknown. The motor rotates and the brushes/comm. bars look like they have not been used hard.

PDFs of the schematics are below.