Local Beacons


  • 1296.240 MHz
  • Grid square EM97we (37.19733 N -80.1527 W)
  • Elevation 3800 ft  
  • Located on Poor Mountain behind Roanoke, VA

While not GPS locked, the transmitter frequency is controlled by a high stability ovenized crystal oscillator.  The transmit frequency should be within a few 10’s of Hertz of the specified frequency.  The transmitter output is approximately 14 watts into an omni directional horizontally polarized Alford Slot antenna.  After cable loss, the estimated effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) is approximately 40 watts. It identifies in Morse “DE K4RCA/B GRID EM97we Poor Mtn 3800 FT Roanoke VA” at approximately 13 WPM every two minutes.

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