Blings ‘n’ Things Themes for 2022

This year our monthly meetings will contain a show ‘n’ tell where members are encouraged to bring in things to show off, explain, and discuss. This “Blings ‘n’ Things” will be themed for each month for a specific topic, but members are encouraged to bring in anything they would like to show or share. Below is the list of themes for 2022:

  • January – “Goals” – What are your ham related goals for 2022
  • February – “So What’s the Time?” – What do you use for a clock in your shack? Do you display UTC time?
  • March – “To Log, or Not To Log” – Do you log your contacts? If so, what program/method do you use? Tips?
  • April – “April Showers No Lose Powers” – What do you do to keep moisture and elements out of your feedline?
  • May – “Da Dit Da Dit” – Let me hear your callsign in CW. Keyer or spoken.
  • June – no meeting
  • July – “How ya Hear?” – Your favorite way to listen to the ham.
  • August – “Fool for the Tool” – What is your favorite tool you use for your station?
  • September – “Your Coax is Running” – How do you run your shack coax out to your antenna?
  • October – “Spooky Speaker” – What is the most odd thing you have heard through your radio?
  • November – “Thanks Elmer!” – Who do you wish to thank for helping you in the ham hobby?
  • December – no meeting