2024 Auction – Another March Madness!

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Spirit of the Auction

This auction is a chance for the New River Valley Amateur Radio Club to get funds while passing along excess club equipment to club members. We hope for a win-win situation between club and individual members and want to have fun doing so. Please be respectful to the event and its intent to enhance our hobby! If you have any questions (and have read all the rules), please contact .

Item Conditions

All items for auction are sold as-is, with no warrantee given or implied. These are used items with some age on them. If any issues were found, they are noted in the listing.

Eligibility to Bid

Only NRVARC Club members in good standing are eligible for bid. If you are a member and have yet to pay your 2024 dues, you can do so online at https://www.n4nrv.org/2024-membership-application-renewals/ before bidding. You must follow the instructions for the auction to submit a valid bid.

How to Bid

Bids will be taken via email to . Please use a subject of “Bidding on – Item Name”. Include the bid amount, your name/callsign in the message. I will reference the current club roster for each bidder.

Bids shall be in whole dollar amounts. No sense in dealing in cents. Also, keep in mind that the updates will only be daily, so you may not know who else bid against you. If a bid is received of the same amount for the same item, the first received bid will be upheld.

Updates for the bidding scoreboard (at the bottom of this page) will be posted at least daily after 8pm with the amount, and call sign of the current high bid.

Bidding will start Feb 29th, 2024,  and end at 11:59PM EST on March 16th, 2024. Winners will be posted, and notified via email on March 17th, 2024. Payments will be made to the club treasurer within 5 days of notification of winning, and plans will be made for you to receive the item. We will not ship the items.

Items For Bid

Kenwood TS-430S

Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver – Serial number 5100123 – Made in Japan

Kenwood MC-43S Hand Mic, Power Cable, Manual


Operation seems to be fine. We’ve had some operational issues that were rectified with reseating of some connections on the board (probably oxidation). Full output on all bands/modes against model specs.

Kenwood MC-80 Desk Mic

Kenwood MC-80

Operation seems to be fine. Works well with the TS-430S, and will operate VFO up/down operations.

Bidding Scoreboard

Call Sign
Kenwood TS-430S$215.00KS4XO
Kenwood MC-80 Desk Mic $65.00KS4XO
Auction Total$280