Field Day 2024

We’re looking forward to participating in the 2024 ARRL Field Day! This year will be Saturday June 22th thru Sunday June 23th for 2024. More details at the ARRL website here.
If you would like to join us, come on out! See additional links below for more details.

This year we will be using the favorited venue of Randolph Park in Dublin, VA (map).

We will also be using a single antenna (DX Commander) shared with 3 radio stations via triplexers.
Daytime bands will be 20, 15, 10 meters.
Nighttime bands will be 80, 40, 20 meters.
Come out and see this setup in action!

Our schedule is as follows:

6/22 – 08:30AMCoffee and setup at Randolph Park
6/22 – 10:30AM and onRadio Rummage
6/22 – 1:00PMLunch
6/22 – 2:00PMOn the air
6/22 – 4:00PMEducational Activity – Running FT8
6/22 – 6/25Overnight operations
6/23 – 12:00PMBreakdown and event end

Radio Rummage Items

Here is a list of some of the items that should be available at the Radio Rummage

Is Club Donation
Yaesu FT-8100R dual band mobile$75W4XXVNo
TYT TH-9000D Pro 220 MHz FM Transceiver$100W4XXVNo
Icom IC-T70A Dual band HT$50W4XXVNo
Tektronix CPS250 Triple Output Power Supply$50W4XXVNo
Icom IC-2720H Dual Band Transciever - Mobile$100W4XXVNo
Sunpro Multimeter$10W4XXVNo
ARRL Field Day Handbook – 2010$10N3KNYes
ARRL Portable Antenna Classics – 2015$10N3KNYes
The Short Vertical Antenna and Ground Radial – 2003$10N3KNYes
10-foot spiral cable wrap?N3KNYes
Plastic parts sorter box?N3KNYes
Plastic box of terminals and connectors?N3KNYes
MFJ 12/24 hour dual LCD clock$10N3KNYes
Yaesu FSP-1 Speaker$10N3KNYes
MFJ ClearTone Speaker$10N3KNYes
Packages of various small connectors, clips, and parts?N3KNYes
6 plastic egg connectors?N3KNYes
4 to 1 balun$30N3KNYes
2m yagi$30N3KNYes
Hamsource EZ-Gate 80$50N4NRVYes
Kenwood TR-7950 2m FM Transceiver$30NW8TYes
Kenwood TR-7950 2m FM Transceiver$30NW8TYes
Radio Shack - 3 amp 12V power supply$20NW8TYes
Micronta - 3 amp 12V power supply$20NW8TYes
NPC - 4 amp 12V power supply$20NW8TYes
Unknown 12v power supply?NW8TYes
Hallicrafters T.O. keyer?NW8TYes
Autek Research CW Memory Keyer?NW8TYes
Hygain Rotor Controller?NW8TYes
ICOM-735 HF transceiver$200K2COENo
MFJ-939 Automatic antenna tuner$75K2COENo
SignaLink USB digital radio to computer interface$70K2COENo
MFJ-816 HF (up to 30 MHz) SWR/Watt Meter$60K2COENo
Kenwood 732A VHF/UHF Dual Band transceiver$80K2COENo
Comet CF-416 Multiplexer$30K2COENo
MFJ-2010 OCFD Antenna$45K2COENo
50' RG58 Coax$20K2COENo
50' (40 and 10 sections) RG58 Coax$5K2COENo
Ameritron AL-811H 600w Amplifier$1,000WB8FLENo
10,12,15,17,20, and 40 Meter Ham Sticks$20WB8FLENo
Pelicon 1450 Waterproof Case w/foam$90WB8FLENo
TYT TH-8600 Dual Band Mobile UHF/VHF (Never Used) in box$90WB8FLENo

If you would like to see some of our past events, click here.

Additional Links:

Here is a “Get Ready 2021” video from the ARRL.