Amateur Radio Resources at the VT Library

Selected Resources on Amateur Radio and Basic Electronics from the University Libraries at Virginia Tech 
from Edward Lener, College Librarian for the Sciences, AK4IS,

More information on how to borrow these resources can be found here

  • Antenna Physics : An Introduction by Robert Zavrel, Jr.
    Call Number – TK6565 A6 Z38 2020
  • Antenna Theory : Analysis and Design (4th ed.) by Constantine Balanis
    Call Number – TK7871.6 B353 2016
  • Antenna Theory and Design by Warren Stutzman and Gary Thiele
    Call Number – TK7874.6 S79 2013
  • ARRL Antenna Book (22nd ed.)
    Call Number ‐ TK6565 A6 A2
  • ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications (100th ed.)
    Call Number ‐ TK6550 R18
  • ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs (11th ed.)
    Call Number – TK9956 A19 2016
  • ARRL’s Small Antennas for Small Spaces (2nd ed.) by Steve Ford
    Call Number ‐ TK9956 F67 2015
  • Big Book of Maker Skills : Tools and Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects by Chris Hackett
    Call Number – TK9965 H24 2014
  • Communications Receivers: Principles and Design (4th ed.) by Ulrich Rohde
    Call Number – TK6563 R5723 2017
  • Electronics All‐in‐One for Dummies (3rd ed.) by Doug Lowe
    Call Number ‐ TK7870 L69 2022 (Also available as an e‐book for VT users)
  • Electronics from the Ground Up by Ronald Quan
    Call Number ‐ TK7815 Q36 2015
  • Energy Choices for the Radio Amateur by Bob Bruninga
    Call Number – TK9956 B78 2019
  • Explore Software Defined Radio by Wolfram Donat
    Call Number – TK5103.4875 D66 2021
  • Get on the Air with HF Digital by Steve Ford
    Call Number – TK5103.7 F67 2022
  • Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur by H. Ward Silver
    Call Number TK9956 S56 2017
  • Ham and Shortwave Radio for the Electronics Hobbyist by Stan Gilisco
    Call Number – TK9956 G4672 2015 (Also available as an e‐book for VT users)
  • Here to There: Radio Wave Propagation
    Call Number ‐ TK6553 .H425 2023
  • High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio by Glen Popiel
    Call Number – TK9956 P67 2016
  • Modern Antenna Handbook by Constantine Balanis
    Call Number – TK7871.6 B354 2008
  • National Electrical Code Handbook
    Call Number – TK260 N37
  • Practical Electronics for Inventors (4th ed.) by Paul Scherz
    Call Number – TK9965 S34 2016
  • Principles of Cognitive Radio by Ezio Biglieri and others
    Call Number – TK5103.4815 P75 2013 (Also available as an e‐book for VT users)
  • Propagation and Radio Science by Eric Nichols
    Call Number – TK6553 N53 2015
  • QST Magazine, 1915‐2016
    Call Number ‐ TK1 Q2
  • Radio Communication Handbook (Radio Society of Great Britain)
    Call Number ‐ TK9956 .R216 2020
  • Radio Science for the Radio Amateur by Eric Nichols
    Call Number – TK9956 N53 2013
  • Radiowave Propagation : Physics and Applications by Curt Levis
    Call Number ‐ TK6565 A6 L46 2010
  • Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio (3rd ed.) by Michael Corey
    Call Number ‐ QC995 C674 2020
  • Understanding Basic Electronics (2nd ed.) by Walter Banzhaf
    Call Number ‐ TK7816 W65 2010
  • Using Your Meter: VOM and DVM Multitesters (3rd ed.) by Alvis Evans
    Call Number – TK325 E93 2011
  • VoIP : Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs (2nd ed.) by Jonathan Taylor
    Call Number ‐ TK9956 T36 2009
  • Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association Records
    Special Collections – Record Group 31/14/9
  • Wireless at War: Developments in Military and Clandestine Radio by Peter Jensen
    Call Number – UG590 J46 2013