Book Review – Solder Smoke – Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics

Reviewed by: Cam – W4XXV

Title: Solder Smoke – Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics
Author: Bill Meara
Publish Date: 2009

“Solder Smoke – Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics” is a book about Bill Meara’s journey through the magic of ham radio electronics and it’s relation to his life. Bill has been bitten by the bug, and shares some of his moments of understanding, struggle, fun, and failures that, I for one, may seem familiar to our own lives. There is a sprinkling of astronomy, rocketry, and kites to boot.

If you have ever aspired to build your own projects from parts you have ripped from discarded electronics, or felt the frustration of understanding RF concepts, you will enjoy the shared adventures from Bill in this book.

If you would like to read something other than a technical article, and like to read of general geekiness, I would recommend you check out this book. It was an enjoyable and inspiring read that has kindled the inner spirit of “the knack” within me.

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