Blings ‘n’ Things Themes for 2023

This year our monthly meetings will contain a show ‘n’ tell where members are encouraged to bring in things to show off, explain, and discuss. This “Blings ‘n’ Things” will be themed for each month for a specific topic, but members are encouraged to bring in anything they would like to show or share. Below is the list of themes for 2023:

  • January – “Old Goals/New Goals” – What (ham radio) goals did you have last year that you met, and what are your new goals for 2023?
  • February – “Book Nook” – What book about Ham Radio informed or inspired you?
  • March – “Potent Potables” – What’s your experience with a beverage antenna?
  • April – “Share your Shack” – Send pics of your home QTH setup.
  • May – “Go Kit Crazy” – Show off your Go-Kit setup and discuss the components that make it a must-have for portable operations.
  • June – No meeting
  • July – “That’s Not Ham Radio!” – Are you doing other radio related activities that you’re afraid to share with us?
  • August – “Saving For a Rainy Day” – What are your long term plan to purchase?
  • September – “What I Did Last Summer” – Summer is over, so what fun with ham radio did you do?
  • October – “Move it!” – Show off your mobile setup.
  • November – “Apps for Days” – What is your favorite ham radio related application on computer or mobile device?
  • December – No meeting