Blings ‘n’ Things Themes for 2021

This year our monthly meetings will contain a show ‘n’ tell where members are encouraged to bring in things to show off, explain, and discuss. This “Blings ‘n’ Things” will be themed for each month for a specific topic, but members are encouraged to bring in anything they would like to show or share. Below is the list of themes for 2021:

  • February – Quitcha Sittin’ – What do you plan for this year to get moving in ham radio?
  • March – Just Flexin’ – Send pics of your ham shack, rig, antenna, or anything else you want to ‘flex’ on, along with a short blurb about it. Descriptions and pics will be posted to our website for others to be inspired! Send in early!
  • April – Field Shmield – Well, what would bring YOU out to field day then?
  • May – Too Hot to Handle! – Favorite soldering iron?
  • June – no meeting
  • July – How Swell do you SWL? – Your short wave listening radios, and listening tips.
  • August – An Antenna to Remember – Share tales of your antenna relationships, hot to not!
  • September – It’s Not That Complicated! – Something you have simplified in your own shack or operation.
  • October – Catching Cold – How do you monitor and report weather at your station?
  • November – Give Kris Kringle a Jingle – Let Santa know what you want to see in your stocking (for being such a good little one this year).
  • December – no meeting