Blings ‘n’ Things Themes for 2020

This year our monthly meetings will contain a show ‘n’ tell where members are encouraged to bring in things to show off, explain, and discuss. This “Blings ‘n’ Things” will be themed for each month for a specific topic, but members are encouraged to bring in anything they would like to show. Below is the list of themes for 2020:

  • March – “Things Gone Wrong” – Failures you have experienced and what you learned from it. Tell us the story.
  • April – “Re-use as a Muse” – Things not for ham radio that have been modified to be used for ham radio. Hopefully this will be inspirational to others.
  • May – “Road Pro” – (Weather permitting) Show off your mobile equipment “run what ya brung” on the way home!
  • June – no meeting
  • July – “What’s Your Vector Victor?” – Directional antennas and equipment you use or building.
  • August – “Hello Audio” – Bring in what you love to use for external speakers or for radio listening.
  • September- “Made it Myself!” – Bring in your best, or ugliest build project.
  • October – “Gone in 30 Seconds!” – You have 30 seconds for an audience to capture their interest in amateur radio. Who’s got the best spiel?
  • November – “All I Want for Christmas…” – Tell us what (amateur radio related) you NEED for Christmas, and why it’s not a WANT!
  • December – no meeting