2020 – The Year We Make Contact!

2020-The Year We Make Contact - Log Entry

Contest Time!

To promote technical proficiency, communication diversity, and functional equipment, the NRVARC will conduct a contest for 2020. The rules are such that anyone with a ham radio license should be able to participate. Any currently licensed radio amateur is encouraged to participate.

Monthly awards and a grand prize will be given to NRVARC members in good standing. The monthly awards will be certificates given with the details in recognition of your contacts for the month. The grand prize has yet to be determined.


The contest will be conducted from March 1st 0000hrs local time to December 31st at 2359 local time.

QSO Points:

  • 1 point for each contact made daily. Duplicate contacts using a different band or mode will be scored as well.
  • Exchange is simply the call sign.
  • Not necessary for both parties to be participating in contest to count.
  • Each log entry must include contact call sign, date/time, band, and mode.

Bonus Points:

  • You may claim 5 additional points per unique call sign for the year.
  • You may claim 100 additional points per unique mode/band combination.
  • There may be additional bonus points announced as the contest is running, so watch the reflector and check here for details!

Other Notes:

  • Repeater contacts count, but repeater system is considered the same mode/band. That means no jumping between 2m/70cm to use the same repeater system to count as another band.
  • Nets count for contacts, but only the exchange between net control and participants. In other words, net control counts all check-ins, but check-in only gets net control.
  • One-way communication such as beacons and APRS are not allowed. APRS QSO via messaging is a two-way communication and would be allowed.
  • Log submissions should be monthly via email, or physical exchange of log sheets with Cam, W4XXV. See club reflector for email address. Each month’s submissions must be received in the following month. This allows contestants to submit logs at the next club meeting. Example: Logs for contacts made in March can be submitted any time in April.
  • This is my first contest administration so go easy on me (W4XXV).

Score tabulation will be calculated monthly as QSO Points + Bonus Points.

Log Sheets:

If you wish to see a sample of the Google spreadsheet, click below to view the current contact log for W4XXV.
W4XXV GSheet Log – View Only