Blings ‘n’ Things Themes for 2019

This year our monthly meetings will contain a show ‘n’ tell where members are encouraged to bring in things to show off, explain, and discuss. This “Blings ‘n’ Things” will be themed for each month for a specific topic, but members are encouraged to bring in anything they would like to show. Below is the list of themes for 2019:

  • March – “Whatcha fistin’?” – keyers and accessories of all types
  • April – “Microphone Marvels” – microphone/headphone comms
  • May – “Power Pole Peanut Gallery” – power and accessories, and GO kits
  • June – no meeting
  • July – “Meter Mayhem” – electronic test equipment
  • August – “Refurb From the Curb” – refurbed equipment (doesn’t have to be completed)
  • September- “Memoir Mailers” – QSL cards you received or made
  • October – “Paper Chaser” – bring in or talk about awards you’ve gotten, or trying to achieve
  • November – “HT and Me” – favorite handheld
  • December – no meeting