2021 Winter Build Project

There has been some recent interest in kit building within the ranks, so I’ve created a course that I think would be both fun and educational. As I can confirm a schedule and method for meeting (Zoom or YouTube stream), I will update this page and send announcements via the club email reflector.

Here is the stated overview:

This course will focus on the skills needed to assemble and solder basic electronic kits and from-scratch fabrication with a focus on amateur radio related kits. Progression through this learning series will end with a usable, fixed frequency CW transceiver system.

The idea of this course is that we will progressively cover more technically challenging builds, with the final goal of a completed system. Along the way we will cover basic component identification, simple multimeter measurements, strategies for assembly, and useful tips to help builds go a little more smoothly. It is understood that not all kits come with instructions and may require research and outside guidance to assemble. We will cover basic sourcing and assembly of a scratch-built projects as well.

More details about the build can be found in the attachment below. This PDF will be updated as time goes on to include more detail, changes needed, and updated resources.