Audie Murphy – Special Event Station

May 30, 1300Z-2200Z, W2A, Christiansburg, VA. New River Valley Amateur Radio Club. 

Audie Murphy (1925 – 1971)was the most decorated US soldier in World War II. He died in a plane crash on Brush Mountain, near New Castle, VA on May 28, 1971. This special event marks the 49th year of his passing, and brings awareness to his life as a soldier, actor, and American hero.

More information about Audie Murphy in the below links.

We plan on transmitting around 14.262, 7.262, and 3.860 MHz between 9am and 6pm EST.

The location we will set up is on Brush Mountain,VA, on the Appalachian Trail near the Audie Murphy Memorial. (map)

If you plan on attending, we will be observing social distancing and protections such as face coverings and gloves if you use the microphone. Please bring your own drinks, food, and chair.

Directions: Turn onto Mt.Tabor rd. from North Main St. in Blacksburg and drive 11.7 miles. You will see a sign for Audie Murphy/Brush Mountain Road. Take this dirt road to the left for 3.3.miles and you will come into the parking area were we will be set up.